Breakfast: The Garden Egg White at Einstein’s Bagels (Included sun dried tomato bagel, tomatoes, Basil Cream Cheese , egg white, and arugula. Give or take 390 calories.) This sandwich is meant to come with ham but I prefer it without processed meat. I also had a medium americano (Which is just espresso and hot water).

Lunch: Small Caesar salad with grilled chicken. (Included Caesar dressing, tomatoes, cucumbers, banana peppers and sunflower seeds. Approximately 220 calories.) I was still full from my sandwich so I just had a light salad to hold me off until dinner.

Dinner: Buffalo Wild Wings. 4 pita chips. 2 celery sticks. Red bell pepper. 4 onion rings. 2 honey BBQ boneless chicken wings. 1 mozzarella stick. 4 slices of cucumber. Half a slice of chocolate cake with ice cream. (Around 750 calories) My friend Meagan and I wanted to go to BWW but of course there isn’t much to eat there that is healthy so we got the “garden crasher”, the “house sampler” and the chocolate cake. For the past few weeks I had  been eating very healthy compared to how I used to eat, but Meagan said that it was okay to treat myself. Because we shared the unhealthy goodies it didn’t do as much damage as the grease, fat and sugar would have done if I had eaten it all myself. Remember, everything is okay in moderation (just don’t let one slip up drag you down hill and cave into temptation all the time).

Water intake: 9 cups

Exercise: Meagan and I played volleyball, I walked around the track, walked on the treadmill, did some abs and worked on some arm exercises. (Burned about 250 calories)

Sleep: 8 hours and 20 min. (1:30 am – 9:50)

Thoughts throughout the day:

I was very content and satisfied with my breakfast and lunch choices (although I’m getting a little sick of salads). Eating all those greasy foods for dinner did make me feel a little guilty (but not terribly) and the food hadn’t settled quite when we worked out so my sides hurt as I was walking on the treadmill which caused me to end earlier than normal.


Don’t worry too much about eating unhealthy foods every once in a while, just don’t make it a habit. As long as in general you eat a good amount of vegetables, protein and fiber you will feel full, healthy, energized, and possibly loose weight (it may just take time).

If you are looking to loose weight do some research and see what works for you. Sometimes it just takes some trial and error to see what works best. One thing that will always improve your health is lots of water and lots of sleep. It does take time to transition your old lifestyle to the one you want, but just take it day by day. Try leaving yourself notes to remind you to eat three to four meals and to avoid unnecessary fats and sugars.

Quote of the day:


Proposal Reflection 1

For the first week I think the movie watching and posts went pretty smoothly. It took me a day or two to actually write the post after watching the movie because I worked so late and came home about to pass out, but once I got the first one out of the way the rest went better.

My first post was Housebound, which was my favorite out of the four. It was funny, clever, horrific and basically what people look for in a thriller/ horror movie. My only criticisms were that their was dramatic music where it didn’t need to be and that the mother and daughter were extremely annoying. Also, the movie had nothing to do with ghosts… which the Netflix summary lead me to believe. I would highly recommend this movie if someone wants a good laugh or wants to watch a horror movie on Netflix.

The second movie I watched was Would You Rather. Like I said in my post, it was an excellent idea for a movie it was just executed poorly. This was the only movie where I recognized a celebrity without looking at the cast and seeing what other movies they were in. It was Brittney Snow (AKA Chloe from Pitch Perfect)!

The third movie was Apartment 143 which was very disappointing. For starters, there are so many that are called “Room Bla Bla” or “Apartment Bla Bla” and this movie in particular had nothing to do with the Apartment. I do have to say the acting was on point though… so kudos to that. It was also very similar to Paranormal Activity… but more entertaining… sadly. Overall, this was my least favorite movie of the four.

The fourth and final movie of the week was The Chosen. This movie had a YouTube star in it which was interesting but perhaps he should stick to his own material and work on his acting. I think this movie had the worst acting out of the four and could have been better if there was more money invested in it.

I’m actually impressed with the selection of movies on Netflix, I didn’t expect them to be moderately decent.

Also, I’m hoping to run into an absolutely horrible movie so I can criticize the crap out of it.

Let me know if you want me to add anything else to my posts! Thanks!

Netflix Horror Movie 4: The Chosen

Netflix Summary:

To save a young girl from a child-stealing demon, her mother and 19 year old uncle must select 6 other blood relatives for a deadly sacrifice.

My Attempted Spoiler Free Summary:

(No need for one- the Netflix summary does a good job)


The Gist:

Basically, Lilith (a demon who steals children’s souls and requires sacrifices in order to return them) has taken over a little girl’s body, Angie, and her uncle, Cameron, and her mother, Katelyn (a drug addict who isn’t supposed to be involved with her), have to sacrifice six family members of their blood line. There is a nun who shows up with no importance quite a few times and a convenient pregnancy that turns into a not so convenient pregnancy.


The first death is the grandma who is attacked by Lilith’s spirit? Lilith didn’t attack any other family members… Why Nanny? Anyway, she just lies their dying and Cameron just puts the symbol marked in blood in order for Lilith to take her away.

The second death is Cameron’s mom’s sister who just happens to show up and check on the grandparents. Cameron attempts to kill his cousin, but later we learn he is adopted so he can’t be chosen as a sacrifice.

The third death is uncle Joey who is an ass and just gets what coming to him.

The fourth death is the grandfather who can’t walk nor can he talk… until he is taken away by Lilith and then he yells, “Save her!”

The fifth death is the mother of Cameron and Katelyn after she tells Katelyn that she killed Jamie (Katelyn’s baby and Angie’s twin) because the child had lots of illnesses and was going to die anyway… But yeah, the mom sacrifices herself to save Angie.

The scramble to figure out who the last sacrifice should be is the most interesting part. First, they want to sacrifice an unborn baby. Then Cameron and Katelyn fight about who should die between the two of them and who could take care of Angie better. Finally, Cameron decides to sacrifice himself and Angie is saved.


The whole movie is quite cheesy and not very put together. The little girl, Angie, physically was a good fit for the movie but her acting skills were below average. I learned from my friend, Meagan, that Cameron is a YouTube star (Kian Lawley) and his acting was.. okay. The best actor was probably the grandfather.. who didn’t say more than one sentence the whole movie. Good job gramps.


Before watching this movie I already knew who Lilith was from watching Supernatural. This version of Lilith was comedic, in which I couldn’t take her seriously.

The Nun:

Why is this nun even here? She has no importance to the movie besides “being the one who wrote the book to get rid of Lilith”, but do we really need to know who wrote the book? I don’t think it matters. She may have been included just to use up some time to make the movie longer? What ever the case, she was a bitch for a nun.

Overall thoughts:

The movie could have been worse. It just seemed like it was a “try hard” movie.

The “Twist”:

My favorite part was learning that Cameron’s pregnant girlfriend has actually been sleeping around and that the child isn’t actually his. The whole movie she is giving him crap and making him decide what they should do with the baby and what they should do with the rest of their lives when… the baby isn’t even his…

Netflix Star Rating VS My Star Rating

Netflix: 2/5

Me: 2.2/5

I think I actually liked it more than I thought I would. There were a few pointless scenes and normally cheesy acting makes me want to claw a chalk board, but maybe I’m just feeling generous today.

Netflix Horror Movie 3: Apartment 143

Netflix Summary:

Hired by a family to investigate supernatural activity in their apartment, a paranormal research group finds themselves haunted by a malevolent force.

My Attempted Spoiler Free Summary:

A group of paranormal researchers attempted to solve the mystery of strange activity that has been occurring to this family of three and their dog.




Just don’t bother with this one. It’s basically paranormal activity, but with more jump scares. The plot line barely makes sense and the ending was out of place.  There are scenes with too much dialogue but not enough explanation, as well as intense, exorcism like scenes with no explanation. They talk about a poltergeist, a ghost and many other “different” supernatural beings but never officially say what was causing the disturbance. Their was no resolution.

Horror Aspects:

Their was a lot of violence and jump scares but not a lot of blood. This would be a good movie for someone who enjoys excoriate movies, even though there isn’t actually an exorcism. Just remember that its basically one of the paranormal activity movies.


The actors were believable, but maybe just a tad over the top. The movie was more of a drama then a horror movie. I also think they just tried to hard to bore you to death and then scare you out of know where.

Extra Input:

I fell asleep three times before finally finishing this movie, so if you are having trouble falling asleep and enjoy supernatural movies, this one’s for you! Also, they have a very nice apartment. What doesn’t make sense to me is the name of the movie… It has nothing to do with the apartment itself because they were having issues at a different home as well… It should have been named “Cynthia” or “What the hell is this movie even about”. I honestly don’t even know what I just watched. It could have been worse though.


The little boy is so darn cute!

An avocado falls out of the ceiling.

Least favorites:

The teenage girl is so dang annoying.

Also, did the dad abuse her? Why does she hate him so much? Is that just the poltergeist talking or does she hate him that much?


Katelyn, the daughter, starts floating… The dad struggles to get to her but when they touch hands all is fine. The boss of the whole project starts talking about what just happened as the camera guy starts powering down the cameras placed all around the house. When they leave a creepy, little girl with black hair (the grudge?) pops out of the ceiling and crawls toward the only camera left on.

Netflix Star Rating:

2/5 stars

My Star Rating



The movie could have been worse, but it wasn’t all that entertaining, nor did it have a steady plot. The acting was fine but the characters annoyed me and we didn’t get to know them very well so we couldn’t feel involved when all the craziness went on.

Final Input:

Just don’t bother with this one unless you want to have fun and criticize it.

Netflix Horror Movie 2: Would You Rather

Would You Rather

Netflix Summary:

In need of cash to help her sick brother, a young woman agrees to take part in a lethal winner-takes-all parlor game hosted by a sadistic millionaire.

My Attempted Spoiler Free Summary:

Iris (Chloe from Pitch Perfect) is offered a chance to play a deadly “would you rather” game in order to obtain thousands of dollars to pay for her brother’s surgery.

Celebrity actress/actor you may know:

Brittany Snow – AKA Chloe from Pitch Perfect

Robb Wells – Trailer Park Boys



Overall thoughts:

The movie was somewhat interesting, but I thought they could have done more with it. There were only three rounds of the game, would you rather. The first round included a strap wrapped around two of the players head in which one of the people had to choose to either electrocute themselves or the other person. The second round they had the choice of either stabbing the person next with them in the thigh or hitting Travis, a war veteran who pissed off the host’s son, with a African whipping stick. The third round had very few players. In this round each player had the choice of being held underwater for two minutes or choosing the mystery card in front of them. Typically, the mystery card was the worst of the two options. In my opinion, they could have done so many more “would you rather” questions, making the movie more interesting. Yes, their were some turn of events but in all it was a little boring compared to other horror movies I’ve seen.

The acting was impressive though. I had never heard of this movie and because it was on Netflix I just assumed it was sub-par. I liked seeing the actress Brittany Snow since I had seen her in other movies before.

Horror Aspects:

This movie wasn’t terribly gruesome. It was twisted, but not as bad as other movies, such as “SAW”. There wasn’t a lot of blood and the deaths were nothing to freak out about. The worst part of the movie was when one of the players had to slit his eye with a razor, but even then we didn’t actually see him cut his eye. There was also one scene that included potential rape, but did not get far enough for anything to get too serious. There wasn’t a lot of dramatic music or plot twist which also gave it less zest.

Favorite moments:

Before the game began all 8 players sat around a table and had a nice dinner. Iris, the main character, spoke up and said that she was a vegetarian and that she could not eat the meal. Shepard Lambrick, the host of the game, said they did not have any other options for food. She said it was fine and just ate the mashed potatoes. Mr. Lambrick then said that if she would eat all the meat on her plate he would give her $10,000 dollars. At first she thought it was a joke and refused, but with some egging on and more bribery she ate the whole meal.

Almost all her life she had been a vegetarian and just with a mere $10,000 she gave that all away. Yes, she most likely did it to save her brothers life, but I don’t think even her brother would have approved. Crazy what money will do to a person’s morals.


In the end, the main character, Iris, chooses between shooting the remaining player and winning the game or them both walking free with no money. She chooses to shoot the player and take the money. When she gets home, she cleans herself up and goes upstairs to find her brother dead from drug overdose. Her murderous acts and potential death was all in vain.


Iris: Kind, caring sister with no other family, trying to find money to save her sickly brother.

Raliegh: Iris’s brother

Dr. Barden: Proposes the Lambrick foundation idea to her. Previous winner of “would you rather”.

Shepard Lambrick: Sick, twisted man hosting the “would you rather game”

Julian: Creepy son of Shepard Lambrick

Lucas: Final contestant with Iris

Amy: Goth bitch

Travis: War vet who pisses off Julian

Peter: Gambler who gets his hand blown off and dies of heart attack

Linda: Old lady in wheel chair

Cal: Only black man in movie

Bevans: Butler who used to torture people (and who still does)

Conway: Angry man

Final thoughts and star rating:

Netflix star rating: 2.3/5

My rating: 2.2/5

The acting was good. The idea was grand, but the results were…. meh. I did like that her brother died in the end. It sort of showed the viewer how far someone will go to save the ones they love.

Netflix Horror Movie 1: Housebound

Netflix Summary:

A troubled young woman is convicted of petty crimes and placed under house arrest in the home of her strange family and a bunch of evil spirits.

My Attempted Spoiler Free Summary:

A very angry and non appreciative woman is placed under house arrest with her overly chatty mother and almost mute step-father. Odd noises have always been common throughout the house, in which the mother suspects supernatural beings.



Netflix Summary compared to Movie itself:

The summary on Netflix does a good job of providing the gist of the movie without giving away any of the potential twists. PLOT TWIST: There are a lot of twists. The only criticism I would make is that there are no “evil spirits” necessarily. If they are referring to the one murder as an evil spirit then sure, but there are no ghosts or spirits in this movie.

Horror Aspects:

Housebound had quite a few jump scares, only one that made me actually flinch, but for those who get jumpy easily it may take you for a loop. As for gore, expect a lot of blood. The blood splatters are a bit over the top, but entertaining. The dramatic music that plays during the least dramatic parts of the movie is what cracked me up. Every time the low tune played that insures death to be around the corner I would just scrunch in my chin and give a side ways look as if to say, “Okay… was that really necessary?” So I would say the spooky music was a bit out of place.The few scenes with disfigurements were quite creepy though, and a few times I felt I had to tuck my feet under the sheets in order to feel secure about my surroundings. (Here is an example of a Dramatic Music Scene)

Comedic Aspects:

At first I thought the movie was sort of pointless and I thought it was just like every other haunted house movie, but the witty comedy and twists proved me wrong. For those with a gruesome sense of humor, this movie is for you. For those who like crude humor or enjoy rude but clever comebacks this movie is also for you. There is one scene in particular where the probation officer needs something sharp to break down a wall or something, and the murderer is standing behind him with a knife, in which the officer turns around takes the knife and responds with, “Ah no, it’s to thin. Get me something heavy.” The murderer then slowly turns around (in shock) and grabs “something heavy” and hits him with it.

Interesting Aspects:

One thing that set this movie apart was that not every person that was attacked died. In fact, almost everyone survives and everyone was harmed in someway. It was also interesting to point out that the probation officer was like a friend the the main character, Kylie. He believed her when she said their was a ghost, he helped her when she suspected the murderer was the neighbor and he stood up for her in front of his coworkers.

Extended Summary:

Kylie, the main character (which I couldn’t figure out if they were saying Connie, Kylie or Kaylee because they are all british so they slur their words together) gets arrested for trying to steal from an ATM machine. She has committed crimes int he past and has done certain classes but nothing has helped. They sentence her to house arrest at her parents home. The gist of  the rest of the movie: noises, ghost?, rude, weird peeing scene, noises, creepy teddy bear, computer blows up, just kidding- computer works now!, ghost?,  jump scare!, girl named Lizzie was murdered in the house, ghost?, “Oh my gosh I have to find her murderer so she can stop creeping me out with these noises and opening doors and stuff”, finds evidence to suggest the neighbor killed Lizzie the ghost, Oops Kylie stabs her step dad, Mom is a little salty, awkward dinner, Kylie feels bad so she cleans the house, Creepy Neighbor tells a story about this kid named Eugene that never went outside, Oh my! Eugene is living in the walls of the house!, EUGENE IS SCARY AF, Kylie runs to police, police don’t believe her, police come to house, everything is patched up- no proof of creepy guy living in walls, councilor accuses Kylie of  being bipolar/ delusional, THE COUNCILOR IS THE KILLER! – PLOT TWIST!, explanation of why he killed Lizzie, fight!, Killer kills cop, Killer attacks Eugene, Killer stabs Kylie, Killer attacts probation officer (sad moment), on the roof!, killer falls off roof, dead?, NOPE!, strangles mother with telephone cord after knocking out Kylie, Eugene is alive!, Eugene pokes Kylie to wake her up, AWAKE!, stabs him with electrical thing, turns on electrical thing, head blows up. 7 months later,  Everyone is okay and they are chill living with Eugene! Yay.

Character List:

Kylie: Incredibly angry young lass, that seems to hate her family for no reason.

Mom/ Marium: Nice lady. Believes in supernatural. Just a tad too chatty/annoying.

Step-dad/Gram: Very quiet. Tries to reach out to Kylie but is shut down.

Probation officer/ Amous?: Nice fellow. Tries to help Kylie and get her life together.

Eugene: Lives in the walls. Social issues.

Councilor: Crazy murderous man.

Creepy guy next door: He’s actually a somewhat friendly guy. He just doesn’t like people poking around his house.

Final thoughts and star rating:

3.7/5 stars

I thought in all the movie had pretty good acting and wasn’t as predictable as I thought it would be. It made me laugh, cringe and think.

My only criticism would be that the beginning was too slow and sometimes it was hard to understand what was going on.