Breakfast: I actually had breakfast! I had a bagel sandwich at Einstein’s which included: egg white, avocado (I love my avocado), bacon and some sort if zesty,  orange sauce. I also had a coffee.

Lunch: Veggie wrap, red espresso with almond milk, and chips with salsa.

Dinner: Gluten free pizza with tomato, green pepper and black olives. (Also a small salad with tomato and french dressing)

Snack: Cantaloupe and brownie brittle… not at the same time though (odd combo).

Water: Over 10 cups

Exercise: I ran a mile, two minutes of planking, 10 dips and hip raisers. (Plus running around Perkins)

Sleep: About 8 hours

Thoughts about the day: I went a little crazy with the brownie brittle yesterday. I bought three bags (salted caramel, mint, and chocolate chip). I obviously didn’t eat them all in one sitting but now they will be in my room tempting me… Damn you brownie brittle…

It was actually kind of funny, though, because yesterday Meagan and I went to Walmart around midnight and we couldn’t find the brownie brittle. We asked this guy, who asked another guy, who asked this lady and she just perked up and was like, “Yes! I know where the brownie brittle is!” And the two guys were just like… “What’s brownie brittle?” Typical men… Don’t know their chocolates… Get your shit together.

Also, Meagan was really craving a milk shake, so we booked it to Burger King. And I felt so bad because they were closing in 5 minutes, but once we got to the window she handed me the shake and said, “It’s on me.” We were so darn happy. It’s crazy how a small, kind gesture can restore my faith in humanity. Thank you lovely, BK lady. You’re the best.

Going back to health related topics though, it was a good day! I ate pretty healthy, worked out and didn’t cave into too much temptation.

I need to work on not eating past 10 pm though… Goal of the week! Maybe 11 pm…

P.S. This weekend I’ll be in Fargo visiting a friend, so if I eat very little, it’s because she didn’t feed me, if I eat too much it’s because she made me eat and if I don’t post it’s because I either don’t have WiFi or I got blown away by that Fargo wind. Goodbye world.


This doesn’t have a  lot to do with anything I’ve said in this post but, live happily. I think that’s self-explanatory.  You’re mind is a crazy, wonderful thing that can achieve so much more than you know. If you believe you can do something, then do it. (Obviously don’t attempt to fly off a building. Gravity isn’t you’re friend honey.)

Also, remember your body is beautiful. Treat it with respect.

Song of the day:

“It’s hard out here” by Lily Allen  (Check out the music video- be warned there is a lot of twerking)

I’m just going to let you decide how you feel about this song and what it means to you. I personally love it. I think it’s a song for a feminist. It’s full of satire and bad ass bitches.



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