Name: Rachel Marie Hoheisel

Date of Birth: October 12th, 1995

Hometown: Zimmerman, MN

Hello, Hello, Hello.

At times introductions can be a bit boring and basic so I’ll try to get to the good stuff.

I don’t want to share too much about myself because I know I’ll talk about a lot of my interests, pet peeves and day to day adventures in my posts, but to start off I’ll share a little bit about my past.


I’ve lived in one town my whole life, Zimmerman, and have never traveled (by car) further than Michigan, but I have flown to Alaska. (Alaska is the only place I can brag about since nobody has been there, but yet I have never been to Disneyland… So sad.)


I have a very average family. Two heterosexual parents, one brother, one sister, one cat, one dog, and one fish. Although, I used to have around 21 hamsters at one time. That story is for another time though…


I’ve been in quite a few sports. Volleyball, Softball and Track were the main ones. Volleyball: left side (hitter and passer) Softball: infield, outfield, anywhere but pitcher Track: long distance and attempted at throwing disk… (poor attempt)


I am so lucky to have such amazing friends in my life. (Shout Out to: MicKayla, Meagan, Catherine, Delaney, Brooke, Gabby and the rest of you all.)


I like to think I’m funny? Some people agree, some have a different sense of humor, but over all I can laugh at myself and I don’t get embarrassed easily. For about 16 years of my life I suffered with this thing called shyness and lack of confidence… Many people are okay with being shy, but I so badly wanted to be this outgoing, crazy and enthusiastic girl that in my head I named Penny (I’ll talk about Penny more too). Today, at the ripe age of 20, I’ve become a much more social person than I was in middle school. I’m definitely an open minded person. I love listening to other peoples ideas and opinions even if I don’t agree with them.


I’m still unsure of what/who I want to be when I get older and have a career. I know I want to travel the world, meet my spouse, have some babies, make memories and all that general stuff most people want to do with their life. Although, I find it hard to plan out exactly how I want my life to go and so I don’t. In my experience, nothing goes according to plan and with that I decided to just go about my days with Robin Williams voice yelling “Carpe Diem!” in my head.

I think I’ll end it there.

So long, farewell, goodbye.



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